Thursday, September 30, 2010

Jamie Oliver Did All the Work

It's no secret I hate chicken nuggets.  I hate all they stand for.  I hate the fact that people feed them to their children like it ain't no thang, because, ya know, thats what kids eat.  It's a chicken nugget, but its the idea, the attitude of the nugget that does harm.  I was going to rant and rave about how disgusting they are and how its not even something I'd feed my dogs and do lots of research about how they're made and present it all on here.  But, it turns out Jamie Oliver already did all the work.  Saved me a lot of time and typing!  Watch the video above to see what I'm talking about.  Then tell me you think its ok to feed that crap to your precious babies.  The disgustingness of the nugget goes far beyond it just being unhealthy.  I mean, what IS that stuff they add into them to make them taste better?  Fillers, chemicals, something called TBHQ?  Whats wrong with frying up a whole piece of meat? (Kudos to you, Chick Fil A!)  

I don't know how everyone else feels about the food they feed their children, but those things aren't good enough for my baby.  Hes a real person and needs real food to be healthy. 



  1. Wow. I love Jamie Oliver. I love that he's teaching kids about good foods... and it totally just broke my heart when he threw those chicken nuggets in the frying pan and asked who'd still eat it and all but one kid raised their hands.

  2. I know! Whats wrong with those kids!!!?