Sunday, September 26, 2010

Fire Trucks and Vanilla Scented Farts

First, the formula.  I decided to get Ben Nature's Own Baby's Only Organic Formula.  Its marketed as toddler formula (even though its nutritionally adequate for infants, I checked) because the company puts a huge emphasis on breastfeeding being the first best choice for babies.  I like that.  I also like that the company is small and privately owned.  They do very little advertising which makes me feel like the money I spend on their product is being put towards things like quality control as opposed to heavy marketing.

I thought it'd be a good idea to give Ben a little formula today and tomorrow, just to be sure he tolerates it ok before I send him off to daycare on Tuesday with 4 oz.  I mixed 2 oz. of the formula with 3 oz. of breastmilk, and let me say, formula STINKS!  According to the google reviews I read, this stuff smells better than most and its still foul.  Just like a vanilla scented fart!

Here is Ben's lunch, all deconstructed like some odd baby bottle science experiment.

Little man didn't mind the stuff.  He chugged his bottle as though nothing were amiss.  Contrary to my fears, he didn't become violently ill, sprout acne, or turn into a frog.  It's been hours since he had it and he's normal as can be.  When he was a brand new baby, I had serious fears that formula would make him very sick and he'd end up allergic to everything under the sun.  One of THOSE babies.  The ones with allergies and rashes and perpetually upset stomachs...ugh... but I knew most of those fears were just crazy, even as I was having them.  Millions of people (myself included) were nourished solely on formula and we turned out ok.  It's just that he's MY baby.  I want the absolute best for MY baby, especially as far as nutrition goes.  These are dangerous times nutritionally speaking, and I still feel like the slightest misstep on my part will turn him into a walking case of Type II diabetes.  Overweight.  Junk Food addicted.  Vitamin D deficient.  Oh the anxieties of a new Mom....

Ben had a good time today with Daddy.  We walked to the Fire Department and took his picture in the trucks.  He wanted to drive but we told him he's too young and maybe when he's older.

Wearing his Little Hero fire truck shirt.  He had to be festive for the occasion.

Ol' Blue Eyes

 He was dead set on driving!

 So serious!

Here we go, Daddy!


  1. In my content analysis of 3 years of parenting magazines, I did not come across a single ad for that formula. That makes me a little sad, because it's nice to see a company that specifically targets the toddlers and promotes breastfeeding for the little ones.

  2. There was no way I was going to feed Ben formula from one of the Big Three. Industrial swill.