Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Teething Can Kiss My Ass

Ben is 7 months old and still toothless.  Apparently, his teeth have decided to torture all of us by making the process of teething long and drawn out.  Maybe he'll be done teething by the time hes five.  He was exhausted after daycare, as usual, so I tried to get him to nap when we got home.  We rocked.  We nursed.  He slept.  The second I lay him in his crib, he immediately wakes up and starts screaming as though being murdered.  We repeat this process three times, and the third time he took a 20 minute nap, just long enough for me to make dinner (but not EAT dinner).  I played with him for a bit, he gummed a teething biscuit, but was still grumpy as can be.  We go through the routine of bath time, then rock, nurse, sleep, I lay him in his playpen and he immediately wakes up as though being murdered.  Repeat 3 times.  Major Mommy Meltdown ensues.  I had to let him cry after the third time.  I couldn't take it.  He finally zonked out after 20 minutes of working his lungs.  My nerves are shot.  My back hurts.  I need a break.

Ben and I spent the past week visiting family. 

There he is with Nanny, his great-great grandmother.  She will be 104 in December!

Eatin' some yogurt.

Ryan and I went to his cousin's wedding.

Reception at The Brown Hotel

They spelled my name right!

Finally, some down-time with his pals!


  1. But he looks so sweet and innocent when he's not screaming like he's being murdered....

  2. Can he suck on those frozen ice rings we used to get when we were little, or are those all dangerous and stuff now?

    And ND is totally right about him being very sweet!

  3. He can have those, but they always end up on the floor in a matter of seconds :p He gets teething biscuits now, because apparently its not as much fun to throw those on the floor.